Kenneth Steimel

Student of Computational Linguistics and High Performance Computing

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Parsing Genie


The parser can be found at


My department in Linguistics had previously used an online parser to illustrate the generative principle. This principle is fundamental to generative grammar. Essentially, the sentences produced by a grammar should be all the sentences in a language and only those sentences.

However, the parser that they had used was not free software and when the owner was not interested in maintaining it any longer, they lost their teaching tool.

They asked me if I could make a new implementation. I was excited to try because I had wanted to make a context free parser from scratch in Julia. This was the perfect thing to hold my feet to the fire.


Parsing Genie uses the Earley algorithm to do parsing of Context Free Grammars and the Genie framework for handling web requests.


The parser used is a version of the Earley algorithm that I wrote in Julia. The code can be found on my personal gitea server.

Web Framework