Kenneth Steimel

Student of Computational Linguistics and High Performance Computing

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Computational Linguistics Projects

I am a 3rd year PhD student in Computational Linguistics at Indiana University. I am interested in computational linguistics for under resourced languages, morphologically rich languages, and African languages.

I am also interested in NLP tasks that relate to the sentiments and emotions of the author. This includes tasks like stance detection, sentiment analysis, irony/sarcasm detection etc.

Blog posts about computational linguistics

Nov 16, 2018

Luyia POS tagging results with 1000 runs

I ran 1000 iterations for each of the cross-language part of speech tagging experiments discussed in this paper. For each iteration, the training data was a different subsample of all…

Nov 16, 2018

Introduction presentation to Computational Linguistics

This is a presentation introducing what Computational Linguistics is at a high level. Keep in mind that this is for an undergraduate Introduction to Linguistics course. Some things are simplified…

Aug 9, 2018

Julia 0.7 released (mirror download provided)

Julia version 0.7 and 1.0 have been beta tested and released! The official downloads are available here. However, it seems like these are running a bit slow for me. I…

May 3, 2018

Research Activities Spring 2018

I am working on integrating distantly supervised sentiment tweets into irony/sarcasm detection for tweets. Previous results that I’ve obtained have shown that the MPQA lexicon improved results during cross validation…

Apr 11, 2018

Part-of-Speech tagging in Wanga

I have my first results from using an SVM tagger on Wanga data extracted from the fieldworks corpus. They’re quite good. With only 1500 wanga words, noun class identification reaches…

Mar 13, 2018

Pachyderm for NLP?

My problem I have developed quite a set up for doing machine learning and other tasks (80+ cpu cores and 150+ GB of ram combined). It is nice when the…