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Student of Computational Linguistics and High Performance Computing

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My name is Kenneth Steimel and I am a Computational Linguistics student at Indiana University. You can read more about me, if you want, here

My current CV can be found on this page

You can find a list of my publications with links here.

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I have a page listing some of the resources I would like to make available to whoever wants them. Most of these resources are helpful for IU students but some may be helpful for others as well.

In addition, I maintain a wiki that has useful information as well.

You can view a list of the materials I’m reading this semester here

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High Performance Computing

Natural Language Processing

Coffee Roasting


Blog posts:

Nov 19, 2018

Scikit-Leaern Random Forest Parallelism inside of GridSearch

Just wanted to give a heads up, with newer versions of scikit-learn (I believe starting with 0.20), the random forest implementation will use 1 job in the default setting as…

Nov 16, 2018

Luyia POS tagging results with 1000 runs

I ran 1000 iterations for each of the cross-language part of speech tagging experiments discussed in this paper. For each iteration, the training data was a different subsample of all…

Nov 16, 2018

Introduction presentation to Computational Linguistics

This is a presentation introducing what Computational Linguistics is at a high level. Keep in mind that this is for an undergraduate Introduction to Linguistics course. Some things are simplified…

Oct 2, 2018

How to install CSV.jl on Fedora

I attempted to install CSV.jl on Fedora with julia 0.7. However, there was an error in building CodecZlib.jl. The error message I got was │ ERROR: LoadError: LoadError: could not…

Sep 25, 2018

Sterling Engine

I recently moved and I finally found the glass pieces to my Sterling engine again. This little contraption is an engine that generates kinetic energy from any heat source. Here’s…

Sep 4, 2018

I upgraded my processors to dual e5-2680’s

I have upgraded the processors in my Quanta windmill to dual e5-2680’s. This has resulted in a rather large increase in linpack scores (pushing 306 GFLOPS now, while I was…

Sep 2, 2018

XGboost benchmarks

Running the benchmark scripts from xgboost with different tree settings on my new system with dual e5-2680’s and a 1050ti gives interesting results. exact: 385.617 gpu_exact: 365.375 When you compare…

Aug 28, 2018

Pictures from COLING 2018 in Santa Fe, NM

These are some pictures from my trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico for COLING2018. Most of these were taken at Bandalier National Monument to the North while others were taken…

Aug 11, 2018

My Roasting Process

I use a Freshroast SR 500 air roaster to roast my coffee. I wrote this bit to describe how I roast my coffee in this roaster. Hopefully, this will be…

Aug 11, 2018

Roasting Honduran SHG EP Santa Rosa

I bought 5 pounds of Honduran SHG EP Santa Rosa from Burman coffee traders about a month and a half ago. I’ve now roasted about 3 pounds of this. While…

Aug 9, 2018

Julia 0.7 released (mirror download provided)

Julia version 0.7 and 1.0 have been beta tested and released! The official downloads are available here. However, it seems like these are running a bit slow for me. I…

Aug 8, 2018

Processor upgrades for Quanta Windmill

I’ve just installed a 1050ti in one of the nodes of my Quanta windmill. I was able to get 59 fps at 1080p on the Tomb Raider benchmarks and 90+…

Jul 15, 2018

Roasting Indonesian RFA Balinese Kintamani

I have roasted about 2 pounds of Indonesian Bali Kintamani over the past month or so. This blog post is just a summary of my impressions of how well I…

Jul 12, 2018

Adding RSS support to Jekyll blog

I added RSS/Atom support to my jekyll-based blog (the one you’re reading right now). These instructions were all I did. To summarize, add gem ‘jekyll-feed’ to your Gemfile add the…

Jul 12, 2018

Completed Switch to Nginx

I now have all my services set-up using ssl and nginx reverse proxying. These are the services I’m currently running: This blog Personal Ampache server Nextcloud instance gitea instance r-shiny…

May 17, 2018

How to get rid of snaps from the ubuntu store

Problem: I didn’t want snaps to be the default method of install on ubuntu or fedora There’s no way to specify a ranking system with the gnome-software program (e.g. if…

May 3, 2018

Research Activities Spring 2018

I am working on integrating distantly supervised sentiment tweets into irony/sarcasm detection for tweets. Previous results that I’ve obtained have shown that the MPQA lexicon improved results during cross validation…

Apr 11, 2018

Part-of-Speech tagging in Wanga

I have my first results from using an SVM tagger on Wanga data extracted from the fieldworks corpus. They’re quite good. With only 1500 wanga words, noun class identification reaches…

Mar 24, 2018

Switch to Nginx

This is mostly for me to keep notes on what my status is. Maybe this will be changed into a how-to after I actually get this up and running. Working…

Mar 13, 2018

Pachyderm for NLP?

My problem I have developed quite a set up for doing machine learning and other tasks (80+ cpu cores and 150+ GB of ram combined). It is nice when the…

Mar 12, 2018

My Systems

I curently have the following machines running: DL 580 Generation 7 4 xeon e7-4860 processors 10 cores each at 2.26 Ghz 76 GB ram Debian 9 2 120 GB SSD…

Mar 9, 2018

Installing Proxmox on a Quanta Windmill v1

Every time I tried to install proxmox on a quanta opencompute windmill v1 with legacy bios, it failed. Typically there were errors after the install process with sudden freezing. The…

Feb 8, 2018

Supercomputing resources at IU

This is a presentation I put together about the compute resources available at Indiana University that graduate students have access to. The slides can be downloaded here

Dec 14, 2017

Install errors for ZMQ on julia

If you get errors installing ZMQ in a fresh ubuntu install (particularly a problem with the server version) sudo apt install libzmq-dev sudo apt install libtool pkg-config build-essential autoconf automake…